5 Reasons to Choose the Law Offices of Robert F. Shaw, Jr.


1. Trust & Integrity | Professionalism that is Personal 

Trust and integrity are central to each and every one of our professional relationships with clients. Clients understand and rely upon our genuine commitment and the care with which we assist them. Our entire legal practice, at every level, reflects our values and the trust and integrity that we facilitate and maintain. Genuine intention is the foundation of legal counseling that is characterized by forthright and thorough communication between attorney and client, attention to detail, passion and skill in the court room, and results that make a difference. Our word and our genuine commitment is our bond.

2. Limited Client Base | No Client is Second Best 

Maintaining a limited client base serves as an integral aspect of our commitment to providing legal representation of the highest quality. In the area of litigation, we will not allow our client base of active cases to grow to a proportion that is inconsistent with the high quality of representation that we demand. If after review we determine that a case cannot be pursued by giving it the personal attention and care that we require, we will either provide the potential client with the option of having our office pursue the matter at a later time (if legal time restrictions permit), or will inform the potential client that we simply cannot be retained due to resources that are already devoted to other matters. Whatever the circumstances, we most often provide assistance to the potential client in their effort to find adequate representation. In our view, profit to be gained from any case is not worth jeopardizing our capacity to provide the legal representation that, clients confirm, sets us apart. Our values give rise to this approach. Trust and integrity demand it.

3. Open & Thorough Communication 

Consistent with the high standards that permeate our legal practice, we pride ourselves in communicating openly and thoroughly with our clients. Our clients are as informed as they wish to be about their matter. The most prevalent complaints about attorneys concern the failure to return telephone calls and the failure to communicate generally. At our office failure to communicate is to fail in the attorney-client relationship. In our view legal counsel and representation means more than producing a needed document or advocating in court. Legal counsel and representation must include informing and educating the client so that legal principles and/or the legal process, often complex and difficult to understand, is demystified and understood. Telephone calls are promptly returned. Our clients are informed at every stage of their legal matter and participate where appropriate. The personal care with which we undertake to counsel and represent clients simply does not allow for perceiving, or treating, the client as one among many. In our office, no client is second best. 

4. Efficient Representation | Your Interests Are Our Interests.

Trust, integrity and genuine care result in efficient representation. Efficient representation means that the client’s interests are clearly reflected in, and serve to guide, the manner in which a case is approached. In accordance with this principle every client receives counsel on options and opportunities for trying to resolve issues without the need for expensive litigation. Our pre-litigation services involve negotiation, mediation, arbitration and other means by which the prospect of litigation can be avoided and disputes can be resolved. For clients facing the crisis of being sued for money damages, this means placing the client’s interests above those of the attorneys’ and resolving the case, if at all possible, such that the burden of litigation and the costs associated with it are avoided. For clients who are considering suing to remedy their injuries, every effort will be made prior to engaging in litigation to accomplish those remedies. And of course, where a client believes that litigation is essential for justice, litigation is the forum through which justice will be sought. We are in the business of serving the client. Service means that the client’s goals are our goals. Your interests are our interests. 

5. Aggressive, Skilled Representation at a Reasonable Cost 

We provide aggressive, highly skilled legal representation at a reasonable cost. Vigorous, passionate representation arises out of identifying with a client’s position and his/her needs and objectives. Trust and integrity allow for true identification to occur. It is not possible to advocate passionately on behalf of a client when an attorney does not genuinely care about that client. The values that drive an attorney will dictate the degree to which genuine care for a client and his/her cause are present. It is more difficult for a jury to believe an attorney who does not exude identification with the client and a passionate belief in what the attorney is communicating. Thorough preparation at every stage of a case, an ingredient essential for skilled representation, also arises naturally from the care in which an attorney’s representation takes place. High quality, client-centered legal representation is our constant goal. Our unique approach to the practice of law allows us to accomplish it.